Joe Wu is a full-time Senior PHP Web

Joe Wu is a full-time Senior PHP Web Developer, and has been in the industry since 2005. He has worked on various projects of all sizes and is familiar with most of the open source technologies surrounding PHP web development. Joe is always enthusiastic about new and upcoming technologies and is keen to learn and pick up new skill-sets wherever possible and utilize them in his current or future projects. He is also keen to learn about new opportunities and innovative ideas out there, and believes that the market is always wide open for new and upcoming innovations to improve our way of living. Aside from all the technological computer work, Joe is a professional badminton player and manages to somehow fit a near full-time training schedule together with his full-time job. Joe’s best ranking of 59th in the world in singles and the attendance of the Commonwealth Games Delhi 2010 means that he has equally as much experience in badminton and web developing. Aside from all the endeavors, Joe also works for his own company (with his business partner) to put his skills and experience to good use and to help anyone who needs assistance with web development. Wackyinnovation ( promotes the concept of always moving forward and coming up with and utilizing new technologies and ideas. Their always enthusiastic and can-do attitude ensures jobs are done to perfection with an innovative edge on their competitors. Shameemah Kurzawa has been programming since she was at high school. Being motivated to be a Systems Analyst, she pursued both undergraduate and postgraduate studies in Business Information System and Software Engineering, respectively. She has been working as a Web Developer/Analyst for the past five years, for a renowned company SBS (Special Broadcasting Service) in Australia. Besides work, she enjoys spending her time with her family (she is the mum of a little two year old baby boy) and enjoys travelling as well as investigating new technologies. I would like to thank my husband, my son, and the Packt Publishing team for their support and understanding in reviewing this book.

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