About the Author Vijay Joshi is a programmer

About the Author Vijay Joshi is a programmer with over six years of experience on various platforms. He discovered his passion for open source four years ago when he started playing with PHP on a hobby project after completing his Masters in Computer Applications. Vijay is a professional web developer now and prefers writing code ONLY in open source (but that does not always happen, unfortunately!). He switches hats as needed he is full-time lead programmer at Philogy, independent consultant for a few selected companies where he advises them on a variety of Internet-based initiatives, and still remains an active blogger at http://vijayjoshi.org. Besides his work, he enjoys reading, trekking, and sometimes getting obsessed with fitness. Writing a book is a long and complicated task which requires the support and coordination of many people. I am thankful to the entire team at Packt, especially Michelle, Chaitanya, and Neha for being so cooperative and patient with me. This book is dedicated to all open source developers, contributors, and enthusiasts around the world who have made PHP and jQuery the leading programming tools in their niche. A big thank you to you guys. I am feeling both proud and excited to be able to contribute to the community that gave me so much to learn. On a personal note, I would like to thank my parents, my brother Ajay, and Sheethal for their support and encouragement. A special thanks to Ravindra Vikram Singh for helping me get started on this project.

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