SQL SERVER AS A PLATFORM FOR WEB SERVICES general, authentication is providing information, be it a user ID and password or a token containing a Kerberos ticket, to identify yourself to the application and prove that you are who you claim to be. Once you have been authenticated, SQL Server knows who you are, and your SQL Server roles and permissions authorize you to access various resources. The parameters AUTHENTICATION, AUTH_REALM, and DEFAULT_LOGIN_ DOMAIN determine what mechanism a user uses to identity herself to SQL Server. There are four AUTHENTICATION choices, analogous to the choices in IIS. ANON This allows anonymous access to the endpoint. The user does not have to identify herself to SQL Server at all. Anonymous access will not be permitted on CLEAR ports in other words, unless SSL is also used. When a user contacts an endpoint using anonymous access, she actually connects to SQLServer through SQLServer s Windows integrated security option using the Windows guest account on the machine. BASIC This choice uses HTTP basic authentication as defined by RFC 2617. Basic authentication requires a user ID and password, which will be transmitted over the network, and therefore is not permitted on CLEAR ports. When basic authentication is used, a user can specify either SQL Server credentials or Windows credentials (user ID and password), and if these credentials have logon access (that is, a record in syslogins), these will be used to log on to SQL Server. DIGEST Using digest authentication consists of hashing the user name and password, using a one-way hashing algorithm and sending the hash output to the server. It is defined in RFC 2617. In Windows operating systems, this requires that the machine be a Windows Active Directory domain controller and is not used frequently. In digest authentication, the user logs in to SQL Server using Windows security (a native SQL Server login is not possible). INTEGRATED Integrated security in Windows

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