SQL SERVER AS A PLATFORM FOR WEB SERVICES If you specify + (plus sign), it means that you want to listen on all possible host names for the machine. * is the default. PATH The path on the Web server that users connect to. You must specify this parameter, and there are special security requirements to be able to use any path that is not a subpath of /sql. PORTS, CLEAR_PORT, and SSL_PORT These define the TCP ports to use and whether you can use unencrypted (CLEAR_PORT) or encrypted (SSL_PORT) communication or both. By default, unencrypted HTTP uses port 80, and SSL encryption uses port 443. Note that in the beta release of SQL Server 2005, if you want to use SSL, you must have an IIS server running on the same machine with a server certificate installed on it. COMPRESSION This defines whether the endpoint uses HTTP compression. Because SOAP messages can be rather verbose but, being XML- based, are prone to size improvements when compression algorithms are used, that is usually a performance improvement. You must ensure that your clients can deal with the compressed message format, however. As an example of the parameters we ve defined so far, the following CREATEstatement: CREATE ENDPOINT myendpoint STATE = STARTED AS HTTP ( SITE = * , PATH = /sql/mydatabase , PORTS = (CLEAR), COMPRESSION = ENABLED ) GO would partially define an endpoint with the symbolic name myendpoint that listens for requests at http://myservername/sql/mydatabase on port 80. Because security information is missing, the CREATE statement would not succeed; it s only for illustration. This endpoint is available at SQL Server startup. Note that myendpoint is only a symbolic name that identifies the endpoint in the SQL Server metadata and has no bearing on the physical HTTP endpoint. In this example, myservername is the DNS name of our machine that is running SQL Server. We specified this by using the SITE= * parameter, or since SITE= * is the default, we could have left it out all together. As nice a definition as this is, we can reach SQL Server but have no permission to do anything yet. We need to address security and add the FOR SOAPportion of the definition for that.

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