PARAMETERS THAT RELATE TO SERVING HTTP Defining whether you can invoke specific procedures, arbitrary batches, or both Defining the exact format of the SOAP message Endpoint State First, we d like to point out that no HTTP endpoints are defined by default in SQL Server. When you install a fresh version of SQL Server on a .NET Server machine, you have no HTTP connectivity. Someone with administrative privileges has to define and enable HTTP endpoints before they are available; this behavior is for the sake of added security. All endpoints can be defined with state parameters. STATE When SQL Server comes up, it tries to establish an HTTP listener on the sites, paths, and ports that you specify, if STARTED is selected. If STOPPED is selected, the endpoint does not automatically service requests at startup time, but an administrator can enable it by using ALTER ENDPOINT… STATE=STARTED. Note that STOPPED is the default. If you specify DISABLED, SQL Server must be stopped and restarted for the endpoint to be enabled. Note that you can also enable or disable HTTP for the entire SQL Server instance by using the system stored procedure sp_configure. The entire T-SQL statement would look like this. option 0 turns it off option 1 turns it on sp_configure enable http , {0 | 1} Parameters That Relate to Serving HTTP Let s talk about Web server information, deferring the security information until a later section. There are a few parameters to CREATE ENDPOINT that are usually specified in the IIS metabase if you are using the IIS Web server. Because SQL Server is acting as the Web server in this case, these parameters must be defined in the DDL statement. These were not needed in SQLXML 3.0 because you were using IIS as a Web server. The relevant parameters are as follows. SITE This is the name of the Web site ( Web server ) that will be used by the client when connecting. If you specify * (asterisk), it means that you want to listen on all possible host names for the machines that are not otherwise explicitly reserved by other programs that serve HTTP (like IIS).

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