10 SQL Server as a Platform for Web

10 SQL Server as a Platform for Web Services SQLXML 3.0 INTRODUCED the concept of exposing SQL Server as a Web Service, through the use of a special Internet Services API (ISAPI) DLL running under Internet Information Server. SQL Server 2005 moves this capability into the server itself, removes the need for Internet Information Server, and expands dramatically on the functionality provided by SQLXML 3.0. Mixing Databases and Web Services Communication with SQL Server (or any database management system, for that matter), has always required using a special proprietary protocol. In the case of SQL Server, this protocol is called TDS (tabular data stream) and uses a special set of client network libraries. These libraries are the SQL Server network libraries and are only available on Windows operating systems. Originally, the TDS protocol was shared with the Sybase database since they shared a mostly common codebase. Since then, each database has improved the protocol in different ways. Although SQL Server supports a backward-compatibility mode for using old versions of the TDS protocol, and therefore supports using Sybase network libraries on other operating systems, today these libraries support only a subset of Microsoft TDS functionality. A Windows client and operating system is

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