XML QUERY LANGUAGES: XQUERY AND XPATH NULL, you must use the normal XMLdata type construction syntax. With the xml.modify function, you can use XQuery syntax with the addition of three keywords: insert, delete, and replacevalueof. Only one of these keywords may be used in a single XML DML statement. xml.modify( insert . . . ) You use the XML DML insert statement to insert a single node or an ordered sequence of nodes into the XML data type instance as children or siblings of another node. The node or sequence to be inserted can be an XML or XQuery expression, as can the target node that defines the position of the insert. The general format of the insertstatement is as follows: insert Expression1 {as first | as last} into | after | before Expression2 where Expression1is the node or sequence to be inserted and Expression2 is the insert target. Any of the seven node types and sequences of those types may be inserted as long as they do not result in an instance that is malformed XML. Remember that well-formed document fragments are permitted in XML data types. The keywords asfirst, aslast, or intoare used to specify inserting child nodes. Using the into keyword inserts the node or sequence specified in Expression1as a direct descendant, without regard for position. It is usually used to insert child nodes into an instance where no children currently exist. Using as first or as last ensures that the nodes will be inserted at the beginning or end of a sequence of siblings. These are usually used when you know that the node already contains child nodes. These keyword are ignored and do not cause an error when attribute nodes are being inserted. When processing instruction or comment nodes are being inserted, child refers to the position in the document rather than a real parent-child relationship. Let s start with an instance of an XML invoice and mutate the invoice. Here s our starting point. declare XML variable and set its initial value DECLARE @x xml SET @x = 1000 Jane Smith

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