XML IN THE DATABASE: THE XML DATA TYPE this works with either table, a single root element INSERT INTO person_docs VALUES( 11 ) INSERT INTO person_content VALUES( 11 ) this fails, more than one root element INSERT INTO person_docs VALUES( 5 5 ) GO this works because it s a valid fragment INSERT INTO person_content VALUES( 5 5 ) GO XML variables can also be schema-validated by declaring them with a name of an already-defined schema collection. this document or fragment must correspond to this schema collection DECLARE @x XML(accountingcoll) input is validated here SET @x = 4321 10753 987-65 5 There are three ways to specify the type of an XML element in an XML document. You can define an XML namespace prefix for a particular name- space and use the prefix on the element in question, use a default XML namespace definition, or use xsi:typeto specify the data type. Management of XML Schemas and Schema Collections When an XML schema collection is stored in SQL Server, its schemas are not stored directly as XML documents. Instead, they are shredded into a proprietary format that is useful for optimizing schema validation. Although you can reconstruct your XML schemas using the system function

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