TYPED AND UNTYPED XML Listing 8-5: A Simple

TYPED AND UNTYPED XML Listing 8-5: A Simple XML Schema < ! - defines types for the namespace http://example.org/People This is known as the targetNamespace but does not indicate The location of the schema document > Note that an XSD schema includes some schema elements, such as maxInclusive and minExclusive, that serve to constrain or restrict the base data types. This constraint process is known as derivation by restriction, and the schema elements and attributes that act as constraints are known as facets. Although there is an xsi:schemaLocationattribute that can be helpful in locating arbitrary schema documents in an instance document, the XML schema specification does not mandate an algorithm by which an XML document locates its schema. SQL Server 2005 stores schema documents inside the database and keeps track of them based on the schema collection; it doesn t use xsi:schemaLocation. SQL Server XML Schema Collections Schema documents are cataloged in SQL Server as part of a named XML schema collection by using the CREATE XML SCHEMA COLLECTION DDL statement. USE pubs GO CREATE XML SCHEMA COLLECTION peoplecoll AS < ! other types omitted >

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