8 XML in the Database: The XML Data

8 XML in the Database: The XML Data Type SQL SERVER 2005 introduces a new scalar data type, the XMLdata type. XML is a first-class data type in SQL Server now, and this has a wide- ranging impact on the use of XML. The XML Data Type A new type of data has gained popularity in recent years, XML. XML has evolved from a simple data transfer format to a data model that includes its own schema-definition vocabulary, XSD, as well as query languages. In this chapter, we ll look at the XMLdata type and see how it differs from conventional CLOB(TEXTfield) storage of an XML document. You can use the XMLdata type like any other data type in SQL Server. It can be used in the following ways: As a column in a table As a variable in Transact-SQL As a stored procedure or user-defined function parameter As a user-defined function return value The XML type is quite similar, but not identical, to the distinct type defined by SQL:1999 and discussed in Chapter 1. It is similar in character

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