T-SQL ENHANCEMENTS CATCH block. TRY/CATCH constructs can be

T-SQL ENHANCEMENTS CATCH block. TRY/CATCH constructs can be nested, so to handle exceptions within a CATCH block, write a TRY/CATCH block inside the CATCH. The following code shows a simple example of the TRY/CATCHblock. make sure we catch all errors SET XACT_ABORT ON BEGIN TRY start the tran BEGIN TRAN do something here COMMIT TRAN END TRY BEGIN CATCH TRAN_ABORT ROLLBACK cleanup code END CATCH Notice how the first statement in the CATCH block is the ROLLBACK. It is necessary to do the ROLLBACK before any other statements that require a transaction. This is because SQL Server 2005 has a new transactional state: failed or doomed. The doomed transaction acts like a read-only transaction. Reads may be done, but any statement that would result in a write to the transaction log will fail with error 3930: Transaction is doomed and cannot make forward progress. Rollback Transaction. However, work is not reversed and locks are not released until the transaction is rolled back. We mentioned previously that errors had to be transactional abort errors in order to be caught. This raises the question: What about errors created through the RAISERROR syntax in other words, errors that you raise yourself? In SQL Server 2005, RAISERROR has a new option called TRAN_ABORT, which tags the raised error as a transactional abort error, which therefore will be handled in the CATCHblock. Where Are We? With the inclusion of the CLR in SQL Server 2005 and the ability to use .NET languages natively from within SQL Server, there has been speculation on the future of T-SQL. T-SQL continues to be advanced and remains the best (and in some cases the only) way to accomplish many things. We firmly believe that the enhancements to T-SQL in this release of SQL Server show the importance of T-SQL and its power and future.

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