T-SQL ENHANCEMENTS id not mentioned in pivot expression

T-SQL ENHANCEMENTS id not mentioned in pivot expression Properties grouped by id id color type amount ———————–1 blue oil 1 gal 3 red latex 1 qt 4 white oil 1 pt Pivoted properties of Swish product Figure 7-10: Results of Open Schema Pivot Ranking and Windowing Functions SQL Server 2005 adds support for a group of functions known as ranking functions. At its simplest, ranking adds an extra value column to the resultset that is based on a ranking algorithm being applied to a column of the result. Four ranking functions are supported. ROW_NUMBER() produces a column that contains a number that corresponds to the row s order in the set. The set must be ordered by using an OVER clause with an ORDER BY clause as a variable. The following is an example. SELECT orderid, customerid, ROW_NUMBER() OVER(ORDER BY orderid) AS num FROM orders WHERE orderid < 10400 AND customerid <= BN produces orderid customerid num - 10248 VINET 1 10249 TOMSP 2 10250 HANAR 3 10251 VICTE 4 10252 SUPRD 5 10253 HANAR 6 10254 CHOPS 7 10255 RICSU 8 ... more rows Note that if you apply the ROW_NUMBER function to a nonunique column, such as customerid in the preceding example, the order of customers with the same customerid (ties) is not defined. In any case, Note: If you are looking for good and high quality web space to host and run your application check Lunarwebhost Java Web Hosting services

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