T-SQL LANGUAGE ENHANCEMENTS will be aborted. You can

T-SQL LANGUAGE ENHANCEMENTS will be aborted. You can control this with an OPTION(MAXRECURSION 10), for example, to limit recursion to a depth of 10. The example that follows shows its usage. WITH Rollup(id, parent, balance) AS ( body of CTE removed for clarity ) SELECT id, SUM(balance) balance FROM Rollup GROUP BY id OPTION (MAXRECURSION 10) GO APPLY Operators T-SQL adds two specialized join operators: CROSSAPPLYand OUTERAPPLY. Both act like a JOINoperator in that they produce the Cartesian product of two tables except that no ON clause is allowed. The following SQL batch is an example of a CROSSAPPLYbetween two tables. CREATE TABLE T1 ( ID int ) CREATE TABLE T2 ( ID it ) GO INSERT INTO T1 VALUES (1) INSERT INTO T1 VALUES (2) INSERT INTO T2 VALUES (3) INSERT INTO T2 VALUES (4) GO SELECT COUNT(*) FROM T1 CROSS APPLY T2 The APPLYoperators have little utility with just tables or views; a CROSS JOINcould have been substituted in the preceding example and gotten the same results. It is intended that the APPLY operators be used with a table- valued function on their right, with the parameters for the table-valued function coming from the table on the left. The following SQL batch shows an example of this. CREATE TABLE Belt ( model VARCHAR(20),

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