T-SQL LANGUAGE ENHANCEMENTS means that our anchor must

T-SQL LANGUAGE ENHANCEMENTS means that our anchor must select all the detail accounts, and the recursive calls must progressively walk up the hierarchy to account 1000. Note that there is no requirement that the anchor produce a single row; it is just a SELECTstatement. The query that follows produces the values of all the accounts, both detail and rollup. WITH Rollup(id, parent, balance) AS ( anchor SELECT id, parent, balance FROM DetailAccount UNION ALL recursive call SELECT R1.id, R1.parent, R2.balance FROM RollupAccount R1 JOIN Rollup R2 ON R1.id = R2.parent ) SELECT id, SUM(balance) balance FROM Rollup GROUP BY id GO id balance – 1000 104 2001 36 2002 52 2003 16 3001 10 3002 26 3004 17 3005 10 3006 25 3007 7 3008 9 4001 12 4002 14 (13 row(s) affected) This query starts by having the anchor select all the detail accounts. The recursive call selects all the accounts that are parents, along with any balance produced by the previous call. This results in a table in which accounts are listed more than once. In fact, the table has as many rows for an account as that account has descendant accounts that are detail accounts. For example, if you looked at the rows produced for account 2001, you would see the three rows shown in the following diagram.

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