WHERE ARE WE? Where Are We? In Chapter

WHERE ARE WE? Where Are We? In Chapter 2, we started out by declaring that the most important aspect of any database s execution was security. SQL Server 2005, as with every new version of SQL Server, includes features that make the system more secure. SQL Server 2005 mandates password policy enforcement for SQL Server based logins, providing equivalent safety with Windows integrated logins. SQL Server 2005 metadata uses access control like the rest of SQL Server, to prohibit arbitrary access without permission. SQL Server 2005 permits procedural code to specify its execution context, making properly written dynamic SQL safer. And finally, it improves on extended stored procedures with verifiable custom hosted .NET code. Because .NET code can not only access SQL Server objects but also call out to the .NET base class libraries, .NET code inside SQL Server is subject to three levels of checking. The base class libraries are classified to determine which are safe to use, and SQL Server will refuse to load any library deemed to be inapplicable or unsafe. .NET procedural code, including assemblies and user-defined types and aggregates, is subject to normal SQL Server user authorization checks. Finally, SQL Server defines three different security levels for .NET code that can be specified at CREATE ASSEMBLY time. Each of the base class libraries was outfitted with custom permissions that mandate what the assembly will be able to do at each level. This is enforced via .NET code access security.

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