7 T-SQL Enhancements SQL SERVER 2005 includes new

7 T-SQL Enhancements SQL SERVER 2005 includes new Transact-SQL (T-SQL) functionality. The enhancements span the range from an alternative mechanism for transaction isolation to declarative support for hierarchical queries. And statement-level recompilation even improves existing T-SQL applications that were written before 2005. Improvements to Transact-SQL Microsoft has continually improved the Transact SQL language and the infrastructure of SQL Server itself. In brief, the improvements include the following: SNAPSHOTisolation Additional isolation level that does not use write locks Statement-level recompile More efficient recompilation of stored procedures Event notifications Integration of Data Definition Language (DDL) and DML operations with Service Broker Large data types New data types that deprecate TEXTand IMAGE DDL triggers Triggers that fire on DDL operations Common Table Expressions Declarative syntax that makes a reusable expression part of a query

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