SECURITY What these different levels can do is

SECURITY What these different levels can do is enforced by a permission set. Each assembly author indicates which classes and methods might threaten the stability of SQL Server by decorating classes and methods with Host Protection Attributes. These Host Protection Attributes are enforced at execution time (or possibly at JIT-compile time), based on the code s security level. Because SQL Server HPAs and permission sets are documented, third-party library writers are free to instrument their libraries to be sensitive to SQL Server s permissions. Table 6-2 shows a summary of the general behavior of each of the named permission sets. In addition, SQL Server 2005 will load only a certain subset of the Framework class libraries at runtime. The list consists of the following: mscorlib System System.Data System.Data.SqlXml System.Xml System.Security System.Web.Services Microsoft.VisualBasic Microsoft.VisualC CustomMarshalers System.Runtime.Remoting System.Runtime.Serialization.Formatters.Soap Table 6-2: General Behavior of SQL Server Permission Sets Permission Set Guarantees against Information Leakage Guarantees against Elevation Attack (against Malicious Code) Guarantees for Reliability (for Nonmalicious Code) SAFE Yes Yes Yes EXTERNAL_ACCESS No No Yes UNSAFE N o N o N o

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