4 The In-Process Data Provider AS A COMPLEMENT

4 The In-Process Data Provider AS A COMPLEMENT to the ability to run .NET code inside SQL Server 2005, SQL Server 2005 includes a new kind of data provider that runs inside the database itself. This gives .NET code that runs inside the database, such as user-defined functions and stored procedures, access to the database, just as ADO.NET gives client-side applications access to the database. In the past, extensions to SQL Server written as extended stored procedures had this capability, but only by making an inefficient connection to the database, just as client applications did. The new provider is different in this respect; it gives .NET code running inside the database access to the database that is almost on a par with the efficiency of T-SQL, without the overhead of a connection. The SQL Server Programming Model Accessing data from your applications normally involves using a provider to connect to the data source and subsequently to retrieve, insert, update, or delete data in the database. You have probably used ODBC drivers, OLE DB providers, or ADO.NET in your applications in the past. Your application, even if written in .NET, ran outside the database, and that access technology you used made a connection to the database to pass commands to it and retrieve results. Now you can write .NET code that runs inside the database in the form of a stored procedure, user-defined function or any of the other .NET

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