TABLE-VALUED FUNCTIONS { return previous_; } return null;

TABLE-VALUED FUNCTIONS { return previous_; } return null; } } public int FieldCount { get { return 2; } } public string GetName(int i) { if (i == 0) { return next ; } if (i == 1) { return previous ; } return null; } public SqlMetaData GetSqlMetaData(int i) { SqlMetaData md = new SqlMetaData( Data , SqlDbType.Int); return md; } public int GetInt32(int i) { return this[i]; } } Assuming that both the Bernoulli and the BData classes are in an assembly named TVFunc.dll, the script that follows catalogs them into SQL Server. CREATE ASSEMBLY TVFunc FROM D: SamplesTVFuncTVFuncbinTVFunc.dll CREATE FUNCTION Bernoulli(@preStart INT, @start INT, @count INT) RETURNS TABLE (next INT, previous INT) AS EXTERNAL NAME TVFunc.CBernoulli.Bernoulli Note that the CREATE FUNCTION command specifies the schema of the table returned by the Bernoullimethod.

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