INTRODUCTION SQL Server Notification Services is an easy-to-use

INTRODUCTION SQL Server Notification Services is an easy-to-use but powerful framework around which you can build scalable notification applications that can notify millions of users about millions of interesting events, using standard notification protocols like SMS (Simple Message Service) and programs like MSN Messenger. The unique pieces, such as an application, are defined using XML and integrate with the framework (which runs as a series of stored procedures over a mostly system-defined schema). We ll discuss Service Broker and Notification Services in Chapters 15 and 16. In addition, SQL Server 2005 adds a Report Server to further extend the data-related platform, but this feature is outside the scope of this book. Where Are We? In this chapter, we ve had a whirlwind tour of the plethora of new technologies in SQL Server 2005, the problems they are intended to solve, and, in some cases, the entirely new data models they represent. SQL Server 2005 supports .NET programming, user-defined data types and aggregates, and an XML data type. The support for these alternate data types extends from the server out to the client, with System.Xml and an object- oriented API known as ObjectSpaces. In the rest of the book, we re going to explore the implementation and best practices when using these new data models, and see that SQL Server 2005 and improvements to the client libraries truly represent the integration of relational data, object-oriented data and concepts, and XML data.

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