2 Hosting the Runtime: SQL Server as a

2 Hosting the Runtime: SQL Server as a Runtime Host THIS CHAPTER DISCUSSES what it means to be a .NET runtime host. Topics include how SQL Server differs from other runtime hosts such as Internet Information Server (IIS) or Internet Explorer (IE) and how it is similar with respect to loading and running code. Finally, we ll show how you would catalog a user assembly to be stored in SQL Server. Why Care How Hosting Works? If you are a SQL Server developer or database administrator, you might just be inclined to use the new Common Language Runtime (CLR) hosting feature to write stored procedures in C# or VB.NET without knowing how it works. But you should care. SQL Server is an enterprise application, perhaps one of the most important in your organization. When the CLR was added to SQL Server, there were three goals in the implementation, considered in this order: 1. Security 2. Reliability 3. Performance

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