OBJECTSPACES OBJECTS ON THE MIDDLE TIER OR CLIENT XQuery Compiler XLT Compiler 2 Compilers Intermediate Format SQL Server Query Generator SQL:1999 Query Generator SQL-92 Query Generator 3 Query Generators SQL Server Specific Query SQL:1999 Specific Query SQL-92 Specific Query Example Only Compilers and Generators Added Independently Figure 1-4: Using the Common Query Abstraction to Support Multiple Interoperable Query Languages additional query languages and data sources other than native XML can be plugged in. This is pictured in Figure 1-4. The most common scenario for the common query abstraction will be to pass the resulting intermediate format through an IL generator to generate .NET IL code, which would then be executed against .NET XML classes (like the XPathDocument) on the client to provide native support for XML query and transformation languages like XQuery, XPath, and XSLT. The common query abstraction will be combined with a mapping technology that can map between relational data, XML data, and objects. One use of this will be to enable XQuery syntax over XML views of relational data, the natural successor to XML mapping schemas mentioned previously. The common query runtime will be able to compile an XQuery against an XML mapping (view) of data in SQL Server, and the resulting intermediate format will run through a SQL generator (rather than an IL generator), to generate Transact-SQL code for execution on SQL Server. The common query abstraction and mapping technologies will also be used to provide object-to-relational mappings and an object query language (OPath) in a technology known as ObjectSpaces. ObjectSpaces Objects on the Middle Tier or Client Some object-oriented techniques are enabled by the use of complex user- defined types in SQL Server as discussed previously, but object-oriented design is used to a much greater degree on the client and middle tier. Most graphic user interface systems, large client-side applications, and even the .NET base class libraries themselves are based on an object-oriented

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