INTRODUCTION An XML schema defines the namespace that

INTRODUCTION < ! global element definition using type above > An XML schema defines the namespace that its types belong to by specifying the targetNamespace attribute on the schema element. An XML document that uses types from a namespace can indicate this by using a default namespace or explicitly using a namespace prefix on each element or attribute of a particular type. Namespace prefixes are arbitrary; the xmlns attribute established the correspondence between namespace prefix and namespace. This is illustrated in Listing 1-8. This is analogous to using SQL Server two-part or three-part names in SQL statements. Listing 1-8: Referring to a Type via Namespace and Namespace Prefixes

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Only when an XML document contains types defined by XML schemas is it possible to determine the exact data types of elements or attributes. XML elements and attributes are data type string by definition. A predecessor to XML schemas, known as Document Type Definition (DTD), was primarily concerned with defining document structure and allowed only limited information about data types. XSD is a superset of the aforementioned type systems, including all the DTD structure types. Using an XSD schema or schemas to determine if a document is correct is known as schema validation. Schema validation can be thought of as applying type

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