INTRODUCTION Network Libraries/TDS Protocol Command Parser Optimizer Query

INTRODUCTION Network Libraries/TDS Protocol Command Parser Optimizer Query Execution Query Engine SQL Mgr Memory Mgr Expression Mgr Other OLE DB OLE DB and Non OLE DB Data Sources (Includes Other DBMS) Row and Index Access Transaction Mgr Lock Mgr Sort Mgr Storage Engine Buffer and Log Mgr Page Mgr File Mgr Utilities I/O Manager Win 32 API Figure 1-1: SQL Server Architecture, Version 7 and Above T-SQL code is highly integrated into SQL Server and uses data types that have the same representation in the storage engine as they do in T-SQL. Instances of these data types are passed between T-SQL and the storage engine without marshaling or conversion between representations. This makes T-SQL code as efficient in its use of type as the compiled code that runs in the storage engine. On the other hand, SQL Server interprets T-SQL code it does not compile it prior to use. This is not as efficient an execution technique as is used by the compiled code in the storage engine, but typically does not affect the performance of data access operations. It does affect, however, the performance of numeric and string-oriented operations. Prior to SQL Server version 7, T-SQL code was preparsed and precompiled into a tree format to alleviate some of this effect. Starting with SQL Server version 7, this is no longer done. An example of a simple T-SQL stored procedure is shown in Listing 1-1. Note that even though procedural code is interspersed with

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