Sql server 2005 contains features that constitute the

Sql server 2005 contains features that constitute the biggest change since the internal server rewrite of SQL Server 7. This is true from both programmability and data model viewpoints. This chapter describes SQL Server 2005 in terms of .NET programmability, SQL:1999 compliance, user-defined types (UDTs), and XML integration to present a picture of holistic data storage, manipulation, and access. The .NET Runtime and the Microsoft Platform .NET is Microsoft s latest environment for running program code. The concept of managed code, running under control of an execution engine, has quickly permeated all major operating systems, including those from Microsoft. .NET is one of the core technologies in Windows Server 2003, Microsoft s latest collection of server platforms. Handheld devices and computer-based mobile phones have quickly acquired .NET-based development environments. .NET is an integral part of both Internet Information Server (IIS) and Internet Explorer (IE). ASP.NET runs on the Windows 2000 version and up of IIS 5.0; IE 5.5 and up can load and run .NET code referenced by tags embedded in Web pages. Rich .NET-based Windows applications, based on the WinForms library that comes with .NET, may be deployed directly from the Internet and run on Windows- based desktops. So what is it about .NET that has caused it to catch on?

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