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scenario. Understanding what MDX is all about can be understood by viewing a very good primer on MDX at: en-us/olapdmad/agmdxbasics_4erb.asp A nice set of links to topics related to MDX, ADO-MD, and XMLA is available at: SQL Server Magazine This magazine is a popular one among enthusiasts of the various components of SQL Server. On the magazine Web site, you ll find links for educational or instructional opportunities so that you can find out more or test your current knowledge. You can also find information about organizations that focus on SQL Server (like PASS Professional Association of SQL Server) where you can collaborate with others who are working with the tool. The magazine site is at: SQL Server Development Center MSDN provides an SQL Server Development Center for Reporting Services. This site is intended to provide more information and insight for how Reporting Services can help with your reporting needs. You can find this at: Services/default.aspx General BI Links If you re interested in Reporting Services as it relates to other BI topics, a good general business intelligence (BI) site provides a wealth of links in related topics to reporting and analysis. This site can be found at: 382 Part VII: The Part of Tens

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