Fenestrae www.fenestrae.com Fenestrae extends Microsoft SQL Server Reporting

Fenestrae www.fenestrae.com Fenestrae extends Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services beyond the desktop to make business information more widely available within the company and business partner networks. Fenestrae Communication Server makes Business Intelligence available anywhere, anytime, and on any device. With Fenestrae and SQL Reporting Services, you can ensure real-time, automatic delivery of business information to remote locations, including reports as faxed documents or KPIs as mobile SMS and MMS messages when on the move. GFI www.gfi.com GFI FAXmaker for Exchange/SMTP is a leading network fax server. It integrates with Exchange Server and popular SMTP servers, enabling you to send and receive faxes and SMS/text messages directly from your e-mail client. By using the e-mail server and Active Directory, GFI FAXmaker provides reliable fax administration through your existing infrastructure. GFI FAXmaker fully supports the use of Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services. It can log all incoming and outgoing faxes to Microsoft SQL Server and enables users to easily create custom reports such as billing/fax usage, fax notifications, and more. OutlookSoft www.outlooksoft.com OutlookSoft CPM is a fully integrated Microsoft-based Corporate Performance Management application. Microsoft Reporting Services extends the reach of OutlookSoft s CPM to a whole new level of detail. Customers can access data from relational tables as well as Analysis Services through the application interface. Reporting Services will be integrated into OutlookSoft solutions to provide greater reporting flexibility to meet business challenges in areas such as Sarbanes Oxley, Line item detail analysis, and Security and audit reporting. OutlookSoft CPM provides access to Reporting Services through a secured browser interface and through a patented Web-based Microsoft Excel interface. Chapter 24: Ten Third Party Tools to Use with Reporting Services 385

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