Fenestrae www.fenestrae.com Fenestrae extends Microsoft SQL Server Reporting

Panorama Software www.panorama.com Panorama Software offers a powerful and intuitive front end to SQL Server Analysis Services. Panorama extends the Microsoft Platform through integrated business intelligence and corporate performance management solutions. With Panorama, decision makers at all levels and functions can easily analyze data, quickly create and distribute reports, and proactively measure performance. Companies gain a greater understanding of their business and make better decisions. These informed decisions improve profitability, increase revenues, reduce costs and time to market, and mitigate competitive risks. Panorama is a leading innovator of business intelligence solutions and supports customers worldwide in industries such as financial services, manufacturing, healthcare, retail, telecommunications, and life sciences. ProClarity www.proclarity.com Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services integrates seamlessly with the ProClarity product family, providing customers with a comprehensive and cost-effective reporting and analysis solution that s very easy to implement. The ProClarity Analytics Server allows organizations to publish collections of views onto a middle-tier server for centralized access to analytical information. With Reporting Services, customers can launch relational reports from the ProClarity environment, making both relational and OLAP (online analytical processing) reports within a common context available to the broadest range of decision makers throughout the enterprise. Proposion www.proposion.com Proposion Report Adapter connects Microsoft Reporting Services to Lotus Notes/Domino environments. This product extends Reporting Services in three ways: (1) Notes/Domino Data Extension: A fast, robust, and feature-rich data driver that turns your Notes and Domino databases into first-class data 386 Part VII: The Part of Tens

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