Chapter 24 Ten Third Party Tools to Use

Chapter 24 Ten Third Party Tools to Use with Reporting Services In This Chapter Attunity for real-time access to corporate data Cizer for ad hoc reports Dundas for charts and customization Fenestrae for messaging to mobile units GFI for fax server capabilities Outlooksoft for prepackaged BPM reporting Panorama for a better front-end for analytical reporting ProClarity for improved reporting and analysis Proposion for connecting to Lotus/Domino reports OfficeWriter for publishing and delivery of reports through Excel and Word Microsoft provides an open environment for other software vendors to develop add-ons and extensions to Microsoft Reporting Services. This kind of grass-roots support channel with its software vendor partners gives you more alternatives for how best to leverage Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services. Consider these ten third-party tools that work well with Reporting Services for special needs you have in your business. Attunity Attunity provides turnkey adapters for accessing mainframe, enterprise data sources, and legacy applications. Attunity s Adapter Suite is designed for seamless, federated, and bidirectional integration, and includes adapters

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