Chapter 24 Ten Third Party Tools to Use

such as CICS, IMS, VSAM, COBOL, RPG, DB2, Enscribe, RMS, Oracle, and many others. Founded in 1987 and a Microsoft Partner, Attunity and its worldwide operations support more than 1,000 direct end users. Attunity s support of the Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services offers customers real-time access to corporate and enterprise data. With Attunity Connect, you have the flexibility to analyze and generate reports with the right data at the right time. Cizer Software Cizer.Net Reporting for Reporting Services is the Web-based Business Intelligence suite from Cizer Software. It provides full report authoring in the browser, and does not require Visual Studio or any .Net client or download of any kind, including ActiveX controls or Java applets. The built-in Portal features configurable links to Cizer Quick Query ad hoc reports for Business Users, mid-level Cizer Report Builder reports with global libraries, charts, and parameters for intermediate authors, as well as the ability to run advanced Visual Studio reports from the Cizer Portal. Originally launched with Reporting Services in 2004, Cizer.Net Reporting has become a standard component of SQL Server BI implementations, and in December 2004 became the first Reporting Services application to pass the Microsoft Gold-level ISV BI Test. Dundas Software Dundas Software, founded in 1992, specializes in data visualization solutions for the Microsoft .NET Framework. Data visualization is the graphical presentation of information, with the goal of providing the viewer with a qualitative understanding of the information contents. Portions of Dundas Chart for .NET technology are currently being utilized within Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services to display a variety of advanced charts. With the next release of Reporting Services, users will have the ability to create charts using Dundas Chart for Reporting Services, a charting add-on, which will take advantage of the extensive features found in the Enterprise Edition of Dundas Chart for .NET. This additional charting functionality will offer developers more sophisticated charts, new chart types, and many advanced customization options beyond what is standard. 384 Part VII: The Part of Tens

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