Chapter 23 Ten Places to Find Reporting Services

Chapter 23 Ten Places to Find Reporting Services Support In This Chapter Microsoft SQL Server Web site SQL Services Reporting Services Web site Where to find sample databases Reporting Services Report Packs Reporting Services Newsgroups Finding chats and Webcasts Working and better understanding OLAP and MDX SQL Server Magazine MSDN SQL Server development center for Reporting Services General BI Web site You can go to literally hundreds of places on the Internet to get more information or support when using Microsoft Reporting Services. These Web sites may change as the product matures, and Microsoft reserves the right to change their Web site at will. However, in my travels I have found solace in a few Internet knowledge stores that you may benefit from as well. Microsoft SQL Server Of course, one good place to look for information and links to what s new is to look at the vendors Web sites. This is intuitive, but you may not know exactly where to navigate because the home page changes daily and new products are services are being offered. Well, just bookmark the Web site and you will be able to find the links for SQL Server. Reporting Services will not be many clicks away and you can see other business intelligence tools from this page.

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