Chapter 23 Ten Places to Find Reporting Services

Reporting Services Web Site The main page within the SQL Server domain for Reporting Services is found at: Here, you can see product overviews and demos, download new service packs and report packs, and take a skills assessment exam. More links are added periodically to move you to new content. Sample Databases for Reporting You may be wondering where to go on the Microsoft site to find some common sample databases to try your hand at reporting in unique and different environments. Some of the popular sample databases include AdventureWorks. The AdventureWorks2000 database is installed by the Reporting Services setup if you select the Documentation and Samples option in the installation. This option installs the complete documentation set for Reporting Services, code samples, report samples, and the AdventureWorks2000 database. In order to find the sample databases for Northwind or pubs, you must use the following link: 06616212-0356-46a0-8da2-eebc53a68034&DisplayLang=en Report Packs Microsoft has sponsored the development of sample report sets based on popular databases that are being used by mid-market businesses today. So example databases of content related to key functional applications have been constructed to provide a reference base for some interesting Reporting Services databases. Microsoft Report Packs are available to show how Reporting Services reports would work for popular applications. Microsoft provides Report Packs for IIS Logs, Microsoft Business Solutions (MBS), Financial Reporting, Microsoft CRM, and Exchange, as well as sample OLAP reports. These can be downloaded at the following site with all related information on Reporting Services downloads: 380 Part VII: The Part of Tens

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