Dynamically Creating a Report Query You actually write

Dynamically Creating a Report Query You actually write code to dynamically create a report with parameters. The way you do this is to go to the Data tab in the Report Designer for the report and select the Generic Query Designer. Then enter a code reference like: =Code.GetQuery(Parameters) Then click on the Report Properties menu item on the Report main menu to open the Report Properties dialog box. On the Code tab, define a function like: Public Function GetQuery(repParameters As Parameters) As String End Function The logic in this function can build a query dynamically with string functions. Note that you can refer to parameters in this function with an expression like: repParameters!paramname.Value Changing the Report Manager Folder Icon to a Corporate Logo You may want to customize the icon at the top left of the Report Manager home page and put your corporate logo in its place. If you browse the source of the Report Manager, home page you will see that the file reference for the folder icon is: /Reports/images/48folderopen.jpg Searching around in the program manager, you can locate this file in the directory: C:Program FilesMicrosoft SQL ServerMSSQL.3Reporting ServicesReportManagerimages If you open this file, you ll find that it s a 48 x 48 .jpg image. Therefore, if you can make a similar resolution .jpg of your corporate logo and save this new logo file as 48folderopen.jpg, the next time you refresh your Report Manager, you will see your corporate logo in the top-left corner of the Web page. Chapter 21: Ten Cool Tricks with Reporting Services 371

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