Dynamically Creating a Report Query You actually write

Suppressing Objects or Formulas in an Excel Rendering of a Report When you don t want to see a document map or formula in an Excel rendering of your report, you can control the properties of the rendering by using the devise information settings when specifying the report using the URL access method. For example, to suppress a document map from a report in Excel, use the URL link as follows: http://servername/reportserver?/SampleReports/Sales Order Detail&rs:Command=Render&rc:Format=HTML4.0 &rcOmitDocumentMap=True When you want only the data values and no formulas generated in Excel for the entire report, you can use the Device Information Setting of OmitFormulas to suppress formula generation as in the following expression: http://servername/reportserver?/SampleReports/Employee Sales Summary&EmployeeID=38&rs:Command= Render&rs:Format=EXCEL&rc:OmitFormulas=true Securing Reports with a UserID Parameter Suppose that you want to integrate a report containing HR information in your application and it requires a value for Employee ID to specify the employee who is viewing the page. Let s assume that the data in the HR database is keyed by the EmployeeID field. One solution to this requirement is to have your application determine the value of EmployeeID for the current user, and you could pass EmployeeID as a report parameter that ll drive its queries. This seemingly natural solution is less than optimal because your users could change the parameter and pass in another EmployeeID, which leads to unwanted information disclosure. You can try to hide the parameter so that it doesn t show up in the Report Viewer toolbar, or not show the toolbar at all. This may seem like a solution, however, parameter values will still show up in the URLs generated in the report. User entered report parameters offer opportunities to hack data from a report for savvy users. Even if you use a custom encryption, those encryptions seldom are strong enough to withstand a serious hacker. Because of this, a general rule to follow is: Never use report parameters to implement security. 372 Part VII: The Part of Tens

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