Clustering Support SQL Server 2005 provides for improved

Clustering Support SQL Server 2005 provides for improved availability with support for failover clustering, enhanced multi-instance support, and support for backing up and restoring database information. SQL Server running on Windows 2003 Server can support eight clustered servers all sharing in the performance of database tasks required of it. Users will have access to a database during a restore operation, within certain limits. This helps get you up and running faster after problems. Key Performance Indicators The key relevant measures of the business are what are known as key performance indicators or KPIs. After a company defines its key performance measures, reporting them on a daily or even real-time basis helps monitor business performance. Key performance indicators (KPIs) provide businesses with the capability to define graphic, customizable business metrics to help generate and track key corporate benchmarks. Scalability and Performance Features such as parallel partition processing, creation of remote relational online analytical processing (ROLAP) or hybrid online analytical processing (HOLAP) partitions, distributed partitioned cubes, persisted calculations, and proactive caching will greatly improve the scalability and performance of Analysis Services in SQL Server 2005. One-Click Cube When creating a cube in a data warehouse project, the Cube wizard includes an option to enable One-Click Cube detection and suggestions. This option examines the relationships in a data source view and makes suggestions for fact tables, dimension tables, and measures. Proactive Caching Proactive caching combines MOLAP class query performance with real-time data analysis and eliminates the need to maintain OLAP stores. The Proactive Chapter 22: Ten Ways to Hook Into the Microsoft BI Platform 377

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