Chapter 22 Ten Ways to Hook Into the

Chapter 22 Ten Ways to Hook Into the Microsoft BI Platform In This Chapter Analysis Services Integration Services Data mining Reporting Services Clustering support Key performance indicators Scalability and performance One-Click Cube Proactive caching Integration with Microsoft Office SQL Server 2005 offers some tremendous capabilitities in terms of fulfilling a robust set of data warehousing and business intelligence needs within one database platform. SQL Server Reporting Services is just one of the many capabilities that SQL Server offers to streamline business intelligence design and development. This chapter talks about the top key SQL Server 2005 BI platform capabilities that, together with Reporting Services, make SQL Server 2005 an exciting platform for business intelligence. Analysis Services With SQL Server 2005, Analysis Services moves into the realm of real-time analytics. From scalability enhancements to deep integration with Microsoft Office, SQL Server 2005 helps extend business intelligence to every level of your business. Analysis Services offer ways to outline drill-down levels within

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