Chapter 21 Ten Cool Tricks with Reporting Services

Chapter 21 Ten Cool Tricks with Reporting Services In This Chapter Greenbar paper reporting Controlling page breaks Running totals Simulating end-user sorting Simulating the All parameter value Dynamically creating a report query Changing the Report Manager home page icon Suppressing objects or formulas in Excel report rendering Securing reports with the UserID parameter Measuring and improving report performance You can do a bunch of things in Reporting Services that may involve some custom expressions or customization involving a little extra coding to your reports. This section introduces you to some interesting (and cool) tricks you can use to make your reports either stand out or fit into the existing standards you may be required to fulfill. Greenbar Paper Formatting If you work at a company that still runs mainframe computers, you may have seen the old greenbar paper stock. This is the wide paper that mainframe computers use to print out their results. The paper is lined alternatively with green and white stripes to assist in reading across the columns of a report.

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