You see some interesting conversion artifacts in Reporting

You see some interesting conversion artifacts in Reporting Services. The first is the columns have gone to the report header section but the report title is in the report body. The converted report initially looks like the report shown in Figure 20-2. You can clean up an errant report in many ways. Suppose that you want the report title and header to appear at the top of each page. Then you would drag the report title text box up above the column names in the header section, as shown in Figure 20-3. Also note in the figure that the properties on the report header indicate that nothing is printed on the first page or the last page. If you change the PrintOn FirstPage and PrintOnLastPage attribute properties to true for both, you will find that the result looks similar to the Access report from which it came (see Figure 20-4). Figure 20-2: Report Designer layout of the Sales Summary report after it has been converted and imported into the Report Designer. Chapter 20: Converting Reports from Access 359

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