Figure 15-7: Preview of the report when each

Using Navigation Techniques You can also add links to a report to assist in navigating to specific sections of a report quickly. When you add a link to a textbox, image, or chart element, you can specify that the link is a bookmark or a URL. The bookmark link provides a link to a bookmark that is set within the current report. The URL link provides a way to link to a Web page on the Internet from within a report. I show you some examples and how to use this capability. You can set these up in the Navigation tab of the Advanced Textbox Properties dialog box. Adding bookmark links A bookmark link is a link that a user clicks to move to another area or page in a report. You set up bookmarks by setting a bookmark on a report item to which users can jump, and by adding a bookmark link on the item you want the users to click to jump to the item with the bookmark. You can set bookmarks on any report item, but you can add bookmark links only to textboxes and images. The process to define a bookmark and a link to the bookmark is as follows: 1. Set the bookmark ID for the target to which users can jump. To do this, select a control on the report that requires a bookmark ID so that you can link to this. This will usually be a textbox or a cell within a report. a. To set the Bookmark ID, right-click on the target textbox or data region cell and select the Properties menu item. This will show the Textbox Properties dialog box (like that shown in Figure 15-8, for example). b. Go to the Navigation tab to set the bookmark. In the bookmark ID textbox, enter the string that is the bookmark ID for that target. In this example, I have set the bookmark ID to an expression: =Fields!Categoryvalue. I want to navigate to the page of the appropriate Category value. 2. Set the Jump To property from which you can jump to a bookmark. For the source textbox or image control, follow the steps noted in the previous step to get to the Navigation tab in the Textbox Properties dialog box. Then click on the Jump to Bookmark radio button and enter the bookmark ID to which this bookmark link will navigate to on the report. This is shown in Figure 15-8. 282 Part V: Developing Advanced Reports

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