3. Preview the report and test the link.

To add items to a document map, you associate a document map label with each item. You can use a document map in a report to provide users with a way to navigate to certain areas of the report. When you view an HTML, Excel, or PDF report, a document map appears along the side of the report. Clicking items in the document map refreshes the report and displays the area of the report that corresponds to the item in the document map. To create a document map, you add document map labels to report items. If any report items have a label, a document map is automatically generated when a user views the report in HTML Viewer. To add a textbox to a document map, follow these steps: 1. In the Layout view, right-click the textbox that you want to add to the document map and then click Properties. The Textbox Properties dialog box appears. 2. Click the Navigation tab. 3. In the Document Map Label field, type or select a label or an expression that evaluates to a label. The label or the value of the expression appears in the document map. A good example of when to use the document maps is when you have multiple page reports where you need to navigate directly to a page selected from a list. To do this, follow these steps: 1. Define a document map for the report grouping. The report grouping is set in a cell or textbox in a data region. Rightclick on the cell or textbox on which the report is grouped (and on which there is a page break set after the group) and select the Properties menu item. The Textbox Properties dialog box appears, as shown in Figure 15-9. 2. Enter the expression for the items to appear in the document map. In the Document Map Label textbox, enter the expression for the field values you would like to see in the document map that link to specific sections of the report. In this case, for a report with groups defined for Category, I have defined the document map label to be: =Fields!Category.Value 284 Part V: Developing Advanced Reports

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