Right-click the cell on the Detail row in

1. Build a report with two textboxes and two subreports. The report I created is shown in Figure 15-6. I have two textboxes labeled Category Sales Analysis and Show Sales Trend. The subreports are actually the reports described in the textbox the SalesTrend report is a chart showing a sales trend and the Matrix Product Report shows the subcategory sales detail. 2. Set up the SubReports to display when the respective textboxes are toggled. To do this, right-click on each subreport and select the Properties menu item. This displays the Subreport Properties dialog box. Click the Visibility tab and indicate that this subreport is initially Hidden and then visibility can be toggled by the respective textbox. Do this for each subreport. 3. Preview your report. Initially you should see a report where the textboxes are visible with a toggle to indicate that they can be expanded. Then click on each textbox. If set up properly, each textbox toggle should show one of the subreports. When both have been toggled on, the report should look like that shown in Figure 15-7. Figure 15-5: Preview of the Employee Roster with dynamic visibility on parent in a parent-child relationship. 280 Part V: Developing Advanced Reports

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