Chapter 15 More About Interactive Reporting In This

Chapter 15 More About Interactive Reporting In This Chapter Dynamic visibility in reports Drill-down reports Using navigation techniques Using document maps Using ToolTips Interactive sorting In Chapter 7, I examine some of the capabilities of Reporting Services that enable users to control the report when the report is executed. This means one report can serve many needs. It also provides for interactivity with the user in reporting. By interactive, I m referring to the fact that the user can click on something in the report as he or she is viewing it and the report responds with an immediate action. This chapter deals with more interactive features of reports. In this chapter, I review how you can use the visibility to show or hide report items at runtime. I also describe some capabilities of navigating different types of hierarchies and using visibility to provide some interesting interactive effects. I also cover the use of ToolTips to provide cues to the user and document maps to assist in navigating large reports another interactive aspect of reporting. Using Visibility Options If you ve read the book The Invisible Man, you may have marveled (as I did) at what you could accomplish if you were invisible. You could influence events by being present but invisible. In Reporting Services, you can control the visible properties of almost any control in a report. Specifically, this feature can help you in creating drill-down reports.

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