4. Toggle the visibility of the hidden rows.

5. Show the SubCategory totals when the detail is hidden. Because you still want to be able to see the SubCategory totals when the detail rows are hidden, copy the subcategory totals from the footer row to the header row and then use the same toggle that displays the detail rows to hide the totals in the header row so that the totals are hidden when you drill down. Proceed as follows: a. Click on the SalesAmount cell in the SubCategory footer row and hold down the Ctrl key as you click the CumSales, Units, and Margin % cells. With all these columns highlighted, right-click and then select Copy from the list that appears. b. Right-click the SalesAmount cell in the Subcategory header row and click Paste. This paste does not copy the Visible property settings, so you need to set these next. c. For each of the copied cells, in the Properties window, expand the Visibility property and set the ToggleItem property to SubCategory. 6. Preview the final report. Your report should look something like the one shown in Figure 15-2. Figure 15-2: Preview of the Product Profitability report showing a drill-down with Hidden and ToggleItem properties set. 276 Part V: Developing Advanced Reports

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