server database. The storage space for these items

All the items I describe in the preceding sections are allocated space in a report server database. Although I describe each item separately, you cannot allocate or control space for individual item categories. For example, you cannot specify maximum limits for resources, caching, or report history. When estimating database size requirements, you must consider all these items as a whole. Providing adequate space for caching If caching reports is part of your performance plan, you should allocate a sizeable amount of space for these reports. Optimal performance comes from minimizing response times and maximizing throughput; these, in turn, depend on efficient network traffic, disk I/O, and CPU time. This goal is achieved by thoroughly analyzing the application requirements, understanding the logical and physical structure of the data, and assessing and negotiating tradeoffs between database usage. Response time is the length of time required for the first row of the result set to be returned to the user in the form of visual confirmation that a query is being processed. Throughput is the total number of queries handled by the server during a given time. As the number of users increases, so does the competition for a server s resources, which in turn increases response time and decreases overall throughput. Factors that affect overall system performance include system resources, network architecture, the operating system, and the other database and client applications running on the server. Configuring Reporting Services Components Behind-the-scenes components of Reporting Services affect overall system performance. A basic knowledge of how to use these components, how to set their properties, and what to turn off are important in optimizing system performance. I discuss how to deal with these components in the following sections. Configuring and running large reports If you re working with a large report, you must choose report generation, rendering, and delivery options that can accommodate large documents. Report 266 Part IV: Maintaining Your Reports

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