Using Event Viewer, you can define logging parameters

Use performance monitoring tools to monitor report server performance by evaluating server activity, observing trends, diagnosing system bottlenecks, and gathering data that can help you determine whether the current system configuration is adequate. To access Performance console, follow these steps: 1. Choose Start.Performance from the Administrative Tools menu to open the System Monitor. The System Monitor appears. 2. Add Counters to the list by right-clicking in the grid showing various counters in the view and selecting Add Counters from the menu that appears (see Figure 14-1). 3. Select the RSWeb service counters. In the Add Counters dialog, select RSWeb Service from the drop- down box for the Performance object. Then click the All Counters radio button. Finally, click OK. 4. View the System Monitor. You see all RD Web counters below the chart displayed on the performance monitor, each corresponding to a unique color on the display. I describe the counters available for monitoring in Table 14-1. Figure 14-1: Security roles in the Object Explorer with the task permission for the Browser role on the right side. 260 Part IV: Maintaining Your Reports

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