Table 14-1 Report Services Performance Counters Counter Name

Table 14-1 (continued) Counter Name Description Total Reports Executed Total number of reports that ran successfully after the service started. Total Requests Total number of all requests made to the report server after the service started. You can use Performance console and Event Viewer to create logs and alerts about report processing and resource consumption. To create a performance log, proceed as follows: 1. In Control Panel, open Administrative Tools and open Performance. 2. In the Windows Performance tool, expand Performance Logs and Alerts, right-click Counter Logs, and then click New Log Settings. 3. Type a name for the counter log and click OK. 4. Click Add to add as many counters as necessary for your Notification Services instance and other important values, such as processor time, disk time, and database counters. The number of counters you add doesn t significantly affect system performance. 5. Click Close. 6. Click the General tab and, under the section Sample Data Every, configure a sampling interval. Start with a moderate sampling interval, such as five minutes, and then adjust the interval if necessary. The shorter the interval, the more system resources and disk space will be used. Additionally, intervals shorter than the quantum period can cause a performance report to show sporadic performance numbers because you will have processing spikes mixed with no activity. 7. On the Log Files tab, configure the properties of the log file. You can view comma-delimited files later in a reporting tool such as Microsoft Excel. 8. On the Schedule tab, configure a monitoring schedule. Strategy for Performance Tuning Having a finely-tuned engine is the key to achieving the best gas mileage. Better gas mileage means fewer trips for fill-ups. Having a finely-tuned reporting 262 Part IV: Maintaining Your Reports

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