Chapter 14 Optimizing Report Performance In This Chapter

Chapter 14 Optimizing Report Performance In This Chapter Monitoring report server performance Implementing a strategy for performance tuning Understanding report server database requirements Configuring Reporting Services components How many times do you have to stand in line on a given day? And how patient are you in that line? I would go as far as paying someone else to stand in a long line for me so that I can do something more productive (such as reprogramming my Gameboy to do my taxes) until it s my turn. This same logic applies to waiting for information in a report. This highlights the importance of optimizing your reporting system s performance. This chapter is about the performance considerations for your reporting environment. Monitoring Report Server Performance You can use performance monitoring tools to monitor report server performance to evaluate server activity, observe trends, diagnose system bottlenecks, and gather data that can help you determine whether the current system configuration is adequate. A combination of technologies and tools enables you to get comprehensive information about how the system is performing. Microsoft Windows Server operating systems provide performance information through the following tools: Task Manager, Event Viewer, and Performance console.

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