The corresponding view of this same information as

The corresponding view of this same information as shown in Report Manager is shown in Figure 13-5. You would navigate to this page by navigating to the folder in question and editing this in the Report Manager. You can access items based on your task-level permissions in your role assignment. A role assignment consists of one user or group name and one or more role definitions that specify a collection of tasks. Security settings are inherited from the root folder down to subfolders and items within those folders. Unless you explicitly override inherited security, subfolders and items inherit the security context of the parent item. If you redefine a security policy for a folder in the middle of the hierarchy, all its subfolders and items contained within the folder assume the new security settings. You can view the folder properties Permission tab in SQL Server Management Studio by right-clicking on a folder under the Home folder and selecting Properties from the list that appears. This will show the Folder Properties page as shown in Figure 13-6. Each object within the Report Server has a Permissions tab on the Properties page showing the roles available for each group or user account. You cannot delete a role assignment if it is the only one remaining, or if it is a built-in role assignment (for example, Built-inAdministrators) that defines the security baseline for the report server. Deleting a role assignment does not delete a group or user account or role definitions. You can add new role assignments for the current item (folder, report, and so on). Existing role assignments for the current item are defined for the groups and users that appear in this column. You can click a group or user name to view or edit role assignment details. If multiple roles are assigned to a group or user account, that group or user can perform all tasks that belong to those roles. To view the tasks that are associated with a role, click the group or user name to view the role assignment, and then click the role definition. Figure 13-5: Item-level security roles assigned to user groups for a folder as shown within Report Manager. Chapter 13: Securing Report Server 251

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