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Using system-level security The Report Server site can be secured through system role assignments. You set security at the system level by creating role assignments that give selected users the capability to perform tasks that affect the Report Server site as a whole. These tasks include creating shared schedules, managing jobs, and setting properties. System-level security does not determine access to items in the report server folder hierarchy. Reporting Services provides two predefined system role definitions. The System User role can view the schedule information in a shared schedule, or view the other basic information about the Report Server. The System Administrator role can enable features and set defaults, set systemwide security, create role definitions, and manage jobs. The task-level permissions for the System Administrator role can be viewed in Report Manager by navigating to the Site Settings page and clicking the link to configure system-level role definitions. The privileges for the System Administrator are shown in Figure 13-7. These tasks relate to system-level operations that can be performed for the site and do not apply to the items within the folder hierarchy. You can manage this through SQL Server Management Studio by rightclicking the system role in the Security System Roles folder and selecting Properties from the list that appears. Figure 13-6: Folder Properties page showing the inheriting roles from the parent folder as the default as shown within SQL Server Management Studio. 252 Part IV: Maintaining Your Reports

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