Reporting Services includes several predefined roles to accommodate

Reporting Services includes several predefined roles to accommodate various categories of users. You can see the roles defined in SQL Server Management Studio when you expand the Roles folder within the Security folder in the Report Server (see Figure 13-1). If you right-click one of these roles and choose Properties from the list that appears, you will see the detail task permissions checked for that role. Figure 13-1 shows the four predefined roles in the Object Explorer on the left side and the specific task permissions available for the Browser role on the right side. You can create additional roles if the predefined roles are insufficient. You can modify or delete either the predefined roles or the custom roles you create, as long as you don t invalidate the last remaining role assignment for your report server. You can define a new role or edit an existing role within Report Manager of the SQL Server Management Studio. To create a role assignment in Report Manager, proceed as follows: 1. Navigate to the Contents page, and open the folder that contains the item for which you want to apply a role assignment. 2. Click the Properties tab, then click the Security tab, and perform one of the following: a. If the item uses the security settings of a parent item, click Edit Item Security, click OK, and then click New Role Assignment. Figure 13-1: The User role properties in the SQL Server Management Studio showing the Security roles in the Object Explorer and the task permissions for the Browser role. Chapter 13: Securing Report Server 247

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